Mana’o blanc pure cane juice

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Mana’o blanc
Rangiroa pure cane juice
French Polynesia
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Mana’O: “to think”, “to remember”, in Polynesian language. Because this brand of rum is established in the heart of Polynesia, in Tahiti!
Mana’O favors organic farming: it is therefore organic rums that it reveals to us and this one is no exception to the rule.
It is made from two varieties of cane: striped red cane and reed cane, grown on the island of Rangiroa. It is a first pressing rum, that is to say that the canes have been pressed only once. A single passage, before fermentation then distillation, this time on the island of Tahiti itself.
The result is a delicious white rum, which after aeration delivers heady aromas of fresh cane and white flowers. Flavors that we find on the palate, and which make all the charm of this organic white rum!