Plantation Panama Hors d’âge Panama 2008

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Plantation Panama
Hors d’âge Panama 2008
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Panama is a privileged destination for the Plantation brand: several vintages have already been revealed to us. Thus the 2004, 2006, 2007 vintages… which you can find on our site! This time, it is the 2008 vintage that is presented to us, in a beautiful case on which we can admire a blue whale, a cetacean that can indeed be observed off the coast of this small Central American country. In this hot and humid tropical climate, this rum has benefited from aging for 12 years. But it was in France that it completed its maturation, in the cellars of Maison Ferrand, in barrels of Cognac, for an additional year. After aeration, we discover on the nose subtle notes of peach and pear, magnified by spices. While on the palate, honey, chocolate and cigars are present, plunging us into a deep euphoria.