Plantation Péru Hors d’âge 2006

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Plantation Péru
Hors d’âge 2006
Fancy Pineapple
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Under the leadership of Alexandre Gabriel, the Plantation brand currently has several dozen references in its prestigious catalog.
It is the result of passionate research, of long-term work: finding, within the most renowned distilleries, the cask that will provide unique tasting pleasure. ink and will unleash enthusiasm… And the least we can say is that Plantation fulfills this mission wonderfully. This 2006 Vintage is the result of a double distillation – in a John Dore still and a column still – and an aging of 14 years, including 11 in Bourbon barrels, then 3 in Cognac barrels, at the brand’s headquarters, the Château de Bonbonnet. We discover with great interest floral and cocoa notes, which we find on the palate, as well as fruity and woody flavors of a beautiful intensity. The finish directs us towards cinnamon.