Plantation Stiggin’s Fancy Pineapple

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Plantation Stiggin’s
Fancy Pineapple
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Plantation Pineapple is a rum whose production process is quite unique.
Faithful reminiscence of the ‘Pineapple Delicacy’ dear to the English of the Victorian era, this rum was born thanks to extensive research carried out in close collaboration with historian David Wondrich.
The meticulously selected Victoria Pineapples are first peeled by hand, and the rinds of the fruit are then infused for a week in Plantation 3 Stars rum. It is once this infusion has been made that the distillation begins. During this new operation, it is the flesh of the pineapple which is in turn infused in the Plantation Original Dark rum this time, and for many months.
At the end of these different stages, the assembly of the distillate obtained and the infusion intervenes to give birth to this delicious Plantation Pineapple. Given the seasonality of the Victoria pineapple, this bottle is one of the very limited editions. A resolutely gourmet and fruity rum!