Ziraldo Vidal Icewine

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Ziraldo Vidal Icewine
Niagara Penisula
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The unique climate of the Niagara Peninsula provides the ideal conditions for ripening fruit. Cold winters naturally freeze the water in the berries to yield an exquisite balance of fruit, acid and an extraordinary range of flavors that results in this fine wine, often referred to as liquid gold.
The secret to a good Icewine is the ideal balance of intense sweetness and high acidity inherent in the cool climate region of Niagara. These Riesling grapes, naturally frozen on the vine, were harvested in the middle of the night and pressed in extreme cold to separate the juice from the ice crystals, followed by fermentation in a special yeast for many months. This remarkable process concentrates sugar and acids – intensifying the aromatic flavors of the berries. The aromas are reminiscent of white and tropical fruits, with hints of peach and mango nectar.